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Traditionally, research has been done in the library. Today, a lot of research can be done on the Internet, which can save students a lot of time. Since there is so much information on the Internet and not all of it is accurate, it is important for students to learn how to choose Internet research sources and how to find the types of websites that contain information relevant to their assignments.



A good place to start your Internet research is at the LAVC Library Website. This can be found at:






Some of the resources available at the LAVC Library website:


  • Electronic Resources: access to online encyclopedias, periodical databases, and links to government sites


    •While on campus, students can access Lexis Nexis through the "Electronic Resources" section of the Library's website. Lexis Nexis is a large newspaper database with full-text articles.

    • Another periodical database in the "Electronic Resources" section is Infotrac. Infotrac contains newspaper and magazine articles, and many are available in full-text format. Students can access this database from any computer, but must have a password. The password changes every semester, so students will need to call the LAVC Library to get the current one.
  • Research Guides and Tutorials: information on how to research a paper, how to cite sources, how to find relevant websites, and how to determine whether a website is a valid research source.


    • The librarians at LAVC have prepared extensive information on how to research and develop a paper, from formulating a thesis to citing sources of all types. The pages containing this information can be found in the "Research Guides and Tutorials" section.

    • One of the most important resources for students using the Internet for research is the "Evaluation of Web Resources" page, which can be found in the ÒResearch Guides and TutorialsÓ section. This page gives students criteria for deciding whether an Internet source is suitable for use in academic research.

    • Also in the "Research Guides and Tutorials" section is a link to the Librarians' Index to the Internet. This site consists of a searchable database of websites that have been chosen by librarians for their content and accuracy. This is a great place to look for websites that are suitable for use as academic research sources.

    • Additionally, there are several pages of information on how to use the Internet effectively and how to search in the "Research Guides and Tutorials" section.


This is only a short list of the wide variety of resources available at the LAVC Library Website. If you have any questions, please visit The Writing Center.



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