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Web Enhancing Your Course

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Web Enhance Your Class

There are two options that instructors have to web enhance their on campus classes: the MyLAVC portal and the Etudes Learning Management System.

Etudes Learning Management System

For those of you who have been trained and certified in using the Etudes LMS, you may apply to use this system to web enhance your traditional (face-to-face) class. You should consider applying only if the MyLAVC portal cannot satisfy this purpose. Your request will be evaluated by a CDEC sub-committee. You need to send us a request by filing out the following form:

Web Enhancement Shell Request

After you fill out the form send it electronically to the distance education
coordinator at their email address:

As this request needs to be approved by a committee, this will take up to three weeks to get your site ready to go. Make sure you make your request well before the semester begins.

MyLAVC Portal

All instructors at LAVC have access to the MyLAVC portal. At this site you may:

Upload your syllabus
Make class announcements
Upload all documents and materials you use in your class
Upload all your assignments
Facilitate online discussions with your students

To use MyLAVC is easy. Your students are already uploaded and your class is there ready to go. All you need to do is go to the MyLAVC site by going to the top of the LAVC website and select:  “My LAVC Portal.”

Or just go to:

Once there, you need to log in by selecting the “Faculty Login” option. There are instructions there on how to log in and a complete “Faculty Portal Users Guide” to help you get started. If you have additional questions, call Israel Ortiz at (818) 778-5834.

We encourage all instructors who want to web enhance their class to use the portal as it is free to the college and is already set to go. But if you need more features that the portal does not offer, you may want to try the Etudes system.


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