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Video Resources


This free resource base offers over 7,000 video clips about hundreds of subjects. This system allows you to embed these clips for your web enhanced,  hybrid, or online class using MyLAVC portal or Etudes. You can even store your own videos on this site. Follow these easy steps to set up an account.

     To Access Edustream

  • Go to the website at
  • Select Member Login
  • User Name: this is the name part of your email. If your email is, your user name would be bryantk
  • Password: 1234pass
  • After you log in you will be asked to “Accept” the Edustream conditions. Once that is done, you may begin creating a playlist for your class by uploading your videos or searching for videos in their Repository.
  • You may also “Edit My Account” and create a new password for security reasons.
  • If you have questions, contact Jackie Hams at or (818) 947-2498.

     Creating Your Playlist   

  • Select “Add New Playlist"
  • Write in your Playlist name (for example, it may be a class or subject that you are teaching).
  • Select “Add Content” and select which of the three choices you would like to enact.
  • If you select “Search for content in Repository” you will be given a search box where you may type the topic of your search. Find the media you wish to use and add it to your playlist.
  • If you select “Content from my local computer or server” you will be giving a “browse” box where you look for the file on your computer to upload and the file that contains the material you wish to share with the class. There is a second box where you can upload the file that has the video captioning material.
  • If you select “Content on the Internet” you will be asked for the web address and then some additional information on that site.
  • Once you have created your playlist, you have a list of media resources you may use in your class.


The INTELECOM Online Resources Network™ is a hosted and supported digital repository and subscription database of academic video clips - streamed on demand - for use in support of online, hybrid and face-to-face classes.Choose from a variety of video collections including Biological Sciences, Oceanography, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Health, and Environmental Studies. In addition, as with academic journal databases, new content is added on an ongoing basis.
Easy to use!

  • Obtain user ID and password: Please contact Laurie Nalepa at 818.947.2498 or e-mail to
  • Go to
  • Select your academic discipline, course, and clips you would like to view. Just click on “copy to my course” to paste videos into your online course, PowerPoint, discussion post, or blog.

Check out the list of available teaching videos – 23 subject areas to choose from, such as adult basic education, business, ethnic studies, psychology, sociology, etc.
Sponsored by Title V and Stem grants.

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