Welcome to my Virtual Classroom!

Thank you for considering INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS at LAVC.  BUSINESS 001 is scheduled to start on the first day of the semester.  Therefore, the course site will be accessible (enabled) from that time on, not any earlier.
Our class includes an exciting, hands-on individual project where you will be developing a new business feasibility plan.  It is your chance to work on the business idea of your dreams!   My goal is to support you throughout this amazing learning opportunity!
We have only one campus meeting. It is required and scheduled on a Saturday in the middle of the term.  This would be the seventh week of a regular term (fall or spring) or the third week of a short summer term.  During this meeting, I will give you step-by-step instructions/examples for your project and you will meet your team-mates. In addition, you will take the closed-book, midterm exam. You don’t have to come to campus to attend other lectures or to complete your homework, your project, and any other exams. In fact, all other exams are online, open-book, and you can complete them at home!
Now let me warn you about the myth of “the easy online class”.  Yes, you don’t have to come to class and, therefore, it can suit your busy schedule.  Yet, this class requires as much, or even more, effort and work as any of my live classes.
REMEMBER: you can count on me for support! You can talk to me online, but you are welcome to meet with me live during my regular office hours or by appointment. Remember, I am here to help you in this valuable learning experience! So please take advantage of my offer to supplement your online experience with live interaction. I am making it available to you because I want you to succeed!
Here is how you can get started early:
1. The online class operating platform we are using is running on a program called ETUDES-NG. Your first step is to learn ETUDES-NG by taking the tutorial. Click here to get started: http://www.lavc.edu/virtualvalley/usingetudes/Welcome_index.html
2.  LAVC has a help desk for online access. Click here to find out more about the help desk: http://www.lavc.edu/virtualvalley/helpdesk.htm
3. After you enroll in the class and pay your fees you can obtain your ETUDES user ID and Password. Click here to obtain your ETUDES-NG user ID and Password. When obtaining your user ID, please make certain to use your student ID number.
4. You can also purchase the required books early to avoid delays.  They are:

Both books are required. You will need to purchase them by visiting the LAVC bookstore on our campus.
If you have any other questions, visit our Virtual Valley webpage at: http://www.lavc.edu/virtualvalley/index.htm Click on “logging in online” and you will find out how to log on the course once the semester starts.
You can locate the portal to the class website by clicking at: http://etudes-ng.fhda.edu/portal . You can bookmark this page.
I look forward to "meeting" you online and “live” soon.

Dr. Tasos Sioukas