Welcome to Health 11 Principles of Healthful Living (3 units)
Instructor: Patty Melody, M.A. (818) 947-2907 or melodype@lavc.edu

Where do I login to come to class?   The above link (icon) is what you are looking for at www.lavc.edu.  The Virtual Valley website has a portal to the ETUDES class on the main page of the Los Angeles Valley College website (www.lavc.edu).  You can also get there directly by going to http://www.lavc.edu/virtualvalley/studentLoggingInOnline.html.  Your login is different from your LAVC user password so be sure to read all the instructions carefully.  The class tab will appear on your shell.  If you are taking multiple classes online, there will be a tab for each class.

What textbook do I need?  The health textbook required for this course is entitled, “ Your Health Today”, 2nd edition.  Teague, Michael L., Mackenzie, Sara L.C., and Rosenthal, David M. (2009).  ISBN # 978-0-07-722858-3.  Please visit the McGraw Hill website www.mhhe.com/teague2e to order your book today and you should have it within the week.  You can also order your ebook version of “Your Health Today” and download now to begin reading your chapters and assignments.

What if I cannot login or I have technical issues?  Visit the Virtual Valley “Student Resources” Help Desk page at www.lavc.edu/virtualvalley/helpdesk.htm.  The link for Virtual Valley is at the top of the page.  Hit it.  The Help Desk has a phone number where you can talk to someone and they will guide you thru the process.  Or you can email them using the student users group.  Or come to campus to get help.  Since this is an online class you are required to have access to a computer and the internet.  This is your responsibility.  Technical problems will not be an excuse for missed deadlines or any other issues.  You should also have access to a backup computer in case your computer fails.  The VCAP office is not the Help Desk to guide you thru this process. 

Once you get logged in…
You will have access to the syllabus which will further explain all the requirements for the class in terms of quizzes, exams, reading assignments, etc.

Patty Melody, M.A.
Associate Professor
Los Angeles Valley College
Physical Education and Health Department
5800 Fulton Ave., Valley Glen, CA 91401
(818) 947-2907 or melodype@lavc.edu