Welcome to English 28 or 101 Online!

If you have enrolled in any of the following courses/sections, you are enrolled in fully online courses—there will be no classroom meetings:

English 28 (0217 or 3445)


English 101 (0263 or 3160)

To prepare yourself for a successful semester, please log on to the following URL and learn about ETUDES-NG, the learning management software that we will be using for our course:


For those of you who have used ETUDES in the past, please note that NG is very different, as in much improved, from the “Classic” version that LAVC used exclusively in the past. You, too, should view the Flash videos that explain the new software. The first Flash video explains how to log on, what your user ID and password are, and how to change both after your first visit. The following videos discuss navigation within the course site and posting to the discussion forums.

(NB: If you don’t understand what I am talking about, you are NOT a good candidate for an online class. Please consider transferring to a traditional section of the course. Contact Dr. A. Zucker in the English Department, Hum. 121. One of the top reasons that students do not succeed in online courses is their lack of computer skills—be honest about yours!)

Students enrolled in any of the courses listed above must have the word processing application Microsoft Word or a fully-equivalent alternative. WordPad and Works are NOT acceptable. All assignments are submitted as .doc or .rtf file attachments. You must be fully familiar with working with text files in order to succeed in these courses.

Our course websites will be opening for you on February 5, 2007, early in the morning. You will NOT be able to access the site before then. On Feb. 5, please log on to the following URL and enter your User ID and password:


You can easily access that link via www.lavc.edu > Online courses > For Students “Click here to Log onto ETUDES-NG” and then select your course from the LAVC list.

If you have not yet emailed me letting me know that you are enrolled, please do so immediately. Put the course name and section number in the subject field. I will send you the book list for your course via email attachment.

Sign onto the course site on February 5th or as soon thereafter as possible. I look forward to seeing you online!

Marion Heyn
Professor of English
Los Angeles Valley College