Welcome to English 28 Online!

I will be teaching the following sections totally online during Spring 2009:

English 28                Sections 7004, 7032, 7057, 7058
(I am not teaching English 101 this semester—sorry)

The following is information to help you succeed in this class. Please read it carefully and feel free to email me (Marion Heyn: heynmg@lavc.edu) if you have any questions.

What you should know about the content of the class:

English 28 is a reading- and writing-intensive class that teaches you how to craft thesis-driven, research-based college-level essays. English 28 is the prerequisite course to English 101, and placement into either of them is by successful completion of the prerequisite course or placement via the English Placement Test. If you are not sure which course is correct for you or have not yet taken the English Placement Test, please see the Counseling Department.

English 28 students will do extensive reading of short essays and a full-length book. Discussion of the assigned readings are required and graded. Some group work—all arranged fully online—will be required for the coursework.

Students will be completing the same course work as the regular classroom course; that means that you should expect to spend between 9 to 12 hours per week on this one course. Please note that is 9 to 12 hours every week. It is not a typo, nor an exaggeration!

What you should know about the structure of the class:

They Say I Say Book

Models for Writers: Short Essays for Composition, 9th ed.*
by Alfred Rosa, Paul Eschholz

Book - Models for Writers

Computer Software Requirements

What you need to do:

How to contact me:

If you need to contact me before class starts, email is your best option—my email address is heynmg@lavc.edu. My campus phone number is 818-947-2532. I usually work from my home, but occasionally you can find me in my campus office, Campus Center Room 240. I look forward to meeting you in the discussion forums online during the first week of class.

Happy writing!
Professor Marion J

Marion Heyn