Welcome to Psychology 2: Biological Psychology at LAVC!

This welcome letter is intended for students enrolled in online Psychology 2 for Spring 2009.  This welcome letter contains more detailed information that the one posted on Virtual Valley web page.

Please read below for important information you will need prior to logging in online to the ETUDES system.

Do we have any class meetings? There are no in person class meetings. The class is 100% online.

Is online Psychology 2 transferable to UC and/or CSU?  Yes, this course is UC/CSU transferable. 

What textbook do I need?  The textbook is required: Brain and Behavior: An introduction to Biological Psychology – Second Edition by Bob Garrett (ISBN: 1412961009). 
This textbook may be purchased from the LAVC Bookstore in person or the LAVC Bookstore online (shipped to your address).  The website for the LAVC bookstore online purchasing is http://www.lavcbookstore.com

Currently there is no ebook version of this text available. 

The textbook will be used often for weekly discussions. Quizzes will be heavily based on textbook readings in addition to material discussed and presented online. It is your responsibility to purchase your textbook in time for the class.

How do I set up my computer prior to the start of class? Go the LAVC Virtual Valley website at http://www.lavc.edu/virtualvalley/index.htm  1) click on the “technical information” link on the left to configure your browser and add the plug-ins according to the instructions. This is especially important if you are using a mac. 2) click on the link to take the “online learning success tutorial”, 3) click on the link and read the FAQ’s, 4) click on the “student resources” link, and then click on the “are you ready for online learning” link to take the student skills quiz.

What about my email address? Be sure that you have your most up-to-date email account listed with our LAVC Admissions and Records office so that you will receive important class announcements and information.

What if I cannot login or I have technical issues? Visit the Virtual Valley “Student Resources” “Help Desk” page where you can call, email, use the student users group, or walk in to get help. Technical problems will not be an excuse for missed deadlines or any other issues. Not having access to the Internet is the online equivalent of “the dog ate my homework.”

Where do I login to come to class? The Virtual Valley website has a portal to the ETUDES class system at: http://www.lavc.edu/virtualvalley/studentLoggingInOnline.html Your login is different from your LAVC user name and password so be sure to read all instructions carefully. The class tab will appear about one day before the first day of classes.

When will the course be opened?  I plan to open the course a day before start of the semester. 

What is the main activity of the first week of the semester?  The first week of the semester is a time for students to become familiar with the ETUDES system and post one message in the discussion forum.  Students who do not post by the end of the first week will be dropped and their spots offered to those on the waiting list. 

Is online Psychology 2 a self-paced course?  No.  We cover specific chapters and topics each week.  There are deadlines for submission of discussion questions and assignments.  Furthermore, you must take quizzes at specific times during the semester.