Welcome and thank you for registering for the CAOT 2 Keyboarding 2 online class.

The CAOT 2 Online roster shows that you have registered for the class through LA Valley College Admissions Office.  However, if you have not, as of this date, submitted the email address that you will be using for the online class, it is important that you email your instructor with this information so that your name will be posted on the class instructional website prior to the class orientation meeting.

There will be a TBA class orientation meeting during the first week of class. You will be notified prior to the start of the semester when this meeting will take place.

Please navigate to the course website: http://jharlesschang.pageout.net and

Click on: Computer Applications & Office Technologies #7006 or #7400: Keyboarding,

Then click on the INTRODUCTION Link and read important information regarding the class.

"Do I need to complete Keyboarding 1 before I can take Keyboarding 2?

No. If you can type at least 30 w.a.m. with accuracy, you can go on to Keyboarding 2. However, it is highly recommended that you take the full semester Keyboarding 1 class before Keyboarding 2 in order to learn the basics of formatting letters, tables, reports, and memos using Word 2003”.

Please email your instructor as soon as possible:


with the email address that you will use for the online class.

Thank you.