Welcome to Sociology 21, Human Sexuality,
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This welcome letter gives you some basics about the course so that you know what you’re getting into! Please read it carefully and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. (My contact info is at the end of the letter.)
What you should know about the content of the class
I’ll assume you read the course description in the schedule or catalog. This is a course about human sexuality thus we will be dealing with a very interesting set of topics. This class does require its students to have some measure of maturity to succeed since we do talk about everything to do with sex. Don’t let this scare you, however, since we do so with a respectful and serious approach. We will be looking at sexuality from an interdisciplinary perspective, using a biological, psychological, and sociological lens to understand the complexities of sex and the human experience. We’ll “meet” Alfred Kinsey and Masters & Johnson; we’ll discuss sex and gender and transgender; we’ll get the mechanics of sex and the range of practices as well as problems and how to solve them. 
What you should know about the structure of the class

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I look forward to meeting you online during the first week of classes!
Dr. Sally Raskoff
Associate Professor of Sociology
Sociology and Ethnic Studies Department Chair
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 Sally Raskoff