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Teaching at Los Angeles Valley College

If you are interested in teaching an online course at Los Angeles Valley College you need to contact the Department Chair of the department offering the course. The department chair of the department offer the online course makes all the decisions concerning who will teach that class.

If you want to teach an online class you need to be certified in the Etudes classroom management system. For complete explanation please look in the section on this website titled, "Getting Started in Online Teaching."

Facilitating an On campus Training Session

There is continual training being conducting on the campus in all aspects of using technology including the use of software programs like Word and Powerpoint, Video editing, hardware such as audio recording and strategies for teaching online. We are always looking for people to lead these sessions. If you are interested, please do the following:

Send an email to Deborah Kaye at:

Include in that email:

  1. The subject of the session
  2. A short description of the session
  3. The days and times you would be available to lead the session

Take a look at the current training sessions for ideas. Leading and attending these sessions can also help you fulfill our yearly Staff Development obligation.

Teaching Online at Other Colleges

Currently there are over twenty colleges that use the Etudes system. There are two methods of finding online teaching opportunities at these colleges.

  1. Log into the Etudes Users Group, which is available to all Etudes Certified instructors, and review the postings in the discussion titled, "Job Board"
  2. Contact the schools directly by going to the list of the participating colleges at: Etudes Schools List

Learn more about opportunities for participation in distance learning

All decisions regarding which classes to offer online are made by the chair of that department.

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