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Approved Online Instructors
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List Last Updated 7/29/16
Instructor Department
Chung Siu Accounting
Toni Edge Anthropology
Kenneth Feldmeier Anthropology
Rebecca Frank Antrhopology
Sashur Henninger-Rener Anthropology
Jaclyn Magginetti Anthropology
Rebecca Stein Anthropology
Eleanor Strauss Anthropology
Nina Berson Art
Deana Hight Art
Alexandra Lezo Art
Suzanne Baldwin Biology
Green-Marroquin, Becky Biology
Elizabeth Herrera Biology
Lynn Polasek Biology
Jason Beaton Broadcasting
Violet Amrikhas Business
Ali Naddafpour Business
Tyler Prante Business
Kevin Sanford Business
Anastasios Sioukas Business
Sue Canada CAOT
Gerald Clark CAOT
Shirin Herrington CAOT
Annette Jennings CAOT
Gina Jerry CAOT
Clarissa Leiva CAOT
Michael Rahni CAOT
Steven Sachs CAOT
Odemaris Valdivia CAOT
Ted Fickel Chemistry/Physics
Jose Arrieta Chicano Studies
Gloria Daims Child Development
Debra Pourroy Child Development
Christopher Childs Cinema/Media Arts
Aranxta Rodriguez Cinema/Media Arts
Jon Stout Cinema/Media Arts
Eric Swelstad Cinema/Media Arts
Joel Trudgeon Cinema/Media Arts
Kevin Briancesco Cinema/Media Arts
Jessica Kelpine Communication Studies
Jim Marteney Communication Studies
Lynda Toth Cinema/Media Arts
Michael Gold Counseling
Margaret Sarkisyan Counseling
Sylvia Rodriguez Counseling
Naja El-Khoury CSIT
Pat Franco CSIT
Sako Sefiani CSIT
Ara Khanjian Economics
Jack Geer Electronics
Jerzy Gorecki Electronics
Rico Castro Emergency Services
Tauno Kartiala Engineering
Fatema Baldiwala English
Azure Glover English
Robert Kane Engllish
Eileen McGarry English/Business
Jessica Mintz English
Phil Poulos English/Business
Lauren Sakovich English
R. Thorne English
William Wallis English
Scott Weigand English
Brian Yablon English
Lilit Davoyan ESL
Anwar El-Issa ESL
Gregory Kappy ESL
Rafael Arias Foreign Languages
Maria Frances-Benitez Foreign Languages
Victor Fusilero Foreign Languages
Sashur Henninger-Rener Foreign Languages
Librada Hernandez Foreign Languages
Jaklin Yermian Foreign Languages
Mussie Okbamichael Geology
Andrew Baldwin Geography
Jack Kranz Geography
Jacquelyn Hams Geology
Kathleen Addison History
Daniela Hovsepian History
Michael Kerze History
Michelle Lewis History
Rick Murray History
William Van Benschoten History
Deanna Heikkinen Humanities
William Dauber Journalism
Leora Gabay Kinesiology
Monica Hang Kinesiology
Patty Melody Kinesiology
Garrett Rieck Kinesiology
Mel Kosasky Law
Xiaoyang Behlendorf Library Science
Librada Hernandez Library Science
Elisa Reynaga Library Science
Alvard Adamyan Mathematics
Luis Enriquez Mathematics
Fendi He Mathematics
Yin Lam Mathematics
Hasmik Mkrtchyan Mathematics
Michael Mori Mathematics
Albert Natian Mathematics
Rashid Sani Mathematics
Hamid Ravanbakhsh Mathematics
Iveta Toneryan Mathematics
Daniel Nyiri Media Arts
Chauncy Maddren Music
Christopher Pallotti Philosophy
Zachary Knorr Philosophy
Emily Sedgwick Philosophy
Doris Kauffman Physical Education
Anthony O'Regan Political Science
Pei Wang Political Science
Ilene Sutter President's Office
Harry Fink Psychology
Ali Ghasemi Psychology
Michael Huff Psychology
Lizette Lopez Psychology/Child Deveopment
Ashley Maier Psychology
Ron Mossler Psychology
Cherine Trombley Psychology
Robert LaCarra Sociology
Sally Raskoff Sociology
Laura Scott Sociology
Darby Southgate Sociology
James Marteney Speech Communication
Duane Smith Speech Communication
Annie Goldman Student Services
Cathy Pyles Theater Arts
Israel Ortiz Virtual Valley
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