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Curriculum Committee
Technical Review Subcommittee


    The VCCC runs much more efficiently when the technical aspects of curriculum documents are in correct form before they are presented to the full committee. The committee can then concentrate on the essence of proposals. Therefore, the technical review committee reviews the details of documents before their circulation to the VCCC.


    The mission of the Technical Review subcommittee is to facilitate and expedite the curriculum process and thereby ensure that curriculum documents are in proper form, correct and complete; and that they will meet the expectations of the District, the State, the CSUs and the UCs.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To conduct a technical review of the curriculum documents submitted to the committee.
  • To assist the faculty in understanding and working through the curriculum documents.
  • To review the curricular proposal to ensure that the forms are properly filled out, and that they will meet the expectations of the District, State, CSUs and UCs.

Criteria for Review

The requirements of technical review are that the originator has completed the form in the following manner: (if applicable)

  • All answers are full and complete including SCANS
  • Carnegie rule standards apply to all class hours and units
  • The LACCD policy on prerequisites, corequisites and advisories has been followed
  • Course objectives are measurable and accurately reflect course content
  • Textbook information is up to date
  • Writing requirements are met
  • Critical thinking requirements are met
  • UC and CSU articulation answers are full and complete (i.e. GE, transferability, IGETC)
  • All Title 5, board rules and statutory regulations have been met
  • Discipline approval has been obtained BEFORE the technical review process begins
  • Allsections must be internally consistent.

Procedures for Review

  • A faculty originator of a course or program proposal gets the proper form(s) online and direction from the office of Academic Affairs and/or the Curriculum Chair.
  • They may solicit assistance in completing these forms from the office of Academic Affairs or other sources. Forms are intially submitted inhardcopy formats.
  • Upon receipt of the forms in Academic Affairs, the forms will be circulatedto the technical review subcommittee and/or other subcommittees as appropriate.
  • The technical review committee will complete review of the proposals within 10 working days - program review packets will take longer. The documents will be returned to the originator for corrections.
  • When the corrections are completed, the originator schedules an appointment with the curriculum chair to review the corrections.
  • Once corrections have be satisfactorily made, the documents will be circulated to all VCCC members in electronic format. New courses or program will also be circulated to all dept. chairsfor two working weeks.
  • After that time the proposals will be placed on the VCCC agenda.

Revised Fall 2003


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