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Curriculum Committee
Student Learning Outcomes Subcommittee


In 2002, new accreditation standards were adopted with an emphasis on student learning outcomes (SLOs) and assessing these outcomes. Under these standards, faculty are required to establish and assess student learning outcomes for all courses and programs. In 2007, the SLO subcommittee was restructured to focus on the curricular aspects of SLOs. SLOs for nondegree programs, Student Services, Academic Affairs and the President’s Office do not come to the VCCC or this subcommittee. For more information onSLOsin general, visit the main SLO committee page.


The mission of the Students Learning Outcomes Subcommittee is to review course and program-level SLOs submitted to the curriculum committee. The committee further ensures that the SLO for a course or program is realistic and supported by the course or program objectives. It further ensures that assessment measures are realistic and do in fact measure the SLO as stated.


Committee Make-Up
  • SLO Coordinator (Chair of Committee)
  • 1 Academic Administrator
  • 1 additional Faculty Member

Revised Spring, 2008


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