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Curriculum Committee
Program Review Subcommittee



    The VCCC works with the IPC (Instructional Planning Committee), which coordinates program review for the academic departments for the college. The IPC depends on the VCCC to examine and review the course outline for currency and thoroughness in order that IPC may complete other aspects of the review. The college's accreditation is dependent in part on the regular completion of thorough program review by all departments.


    The mission of the Program Review subcommittee is to assist the departments in a thorough review of all aspects of their curriculum (courses and programs) for the purpose of determining what needs modifying, updating, deleting, adding or otherwise changing.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To insure that the department courses and programs are current in their articulation with the UCs and CSUs.
  • To insure that the course and program descriptions in the course outlines are current with those in the catalogue.
  • To see that the course and program offerings listed in the catalogue are offered consistently for graduation.
  • To assist the departments in the changing demands of curriculum.
  • To assist the departments through the curriculum aspects of program review by the use of workshops and other means of support.

General Principles for Review

    The committee reviews the packet of materials for consistency and form.

Criteria for Review

  • All criteria of the technical review criteria must be met in the course outlines.
  • All course attributes on the outlines must be current.
  • Catalogue prerequisites, course descriptions, program listings and graduation requirements must be current in all course outlines.
  • The vitality of departments, especially vocational education departments should be reflected in the courses and programs listed.
  • All courses in the data base must be reviewed or archived.
  • All course outlines for program review MUST be submitted electronically and in hard copy using the district outline form.

General Procedures of the Subcommittee

  • A department chair receives his or her program review packet containing all necessary documents and instructions from the office of Academic Affairs. (S)he may attend workshops, and get assistance from others in the department in completing the course outlines (or other forms).
  • When the curriculum dean or curriculum chair believes that the forms are sufficiently ready, (s)he will distribute them to the program review committee.
  • The program review committee will complete the review and return the packet to the department for corrections.
  • When the corrections are completed, the documents will be posted in the office of Academic Affairs for two weeks for the perusal of the full committee. After that the packet of course outlines and related documents is presented to the VCCC for approval.

Revised Fall 2003


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