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Curriculum Committee


Academic Year 2014-2015


Full Committee

Steve Barakat (Faculty Member 6/15)

Jason Beaton (AFT Rep - 6/17)

Rudy Besikof (Curriculum Dean)

Glenn Carlos (Faculty Member - 6/15)

Karen Daar (VP Academic Affairs)

Barbara Goldberg (Counselor - 6/15)

Rebecca Frank, Chair 

Vic Fusilero (Faculty Member - 6/16)

Meghan Gaynor (Library)

William Hendricks (Faculty Member - 6/16)

Michelle Lewis (Faculty Member - 6/17)

Anita Martinez (Articulation Officer)

Keidra Morris (Faculty Member - 6/15)

Cheryl Pearson (Faculty Member - 6/17)

Rebecca Stein (Faculty Member - 6/17)

Vacant (Faculty Member - 6/16)

Vacant (Student Member)

VCCC Subcommittees (* indicates subcommittee chair)


Technical Review/Program Review

  • Rudy Besikof
  • Rebecca Frank* 
  • Anita Martinez
  • Deanna Heikkinen
  • Meghan Gaynor (C-ID)
  • Cheryl Pearson (C-ID)

General Education

  • Barbara Goldberg*
  • Rudy Besikof
  • Anita Martinez

Distance Education

  • Rebecca Frank*
  • Deanna Heikkinen
  • Laurie Nalepa

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Rudy Besikof* (VCCC)
  • Vic Fusilero
  • Deanna Heikkinen 

Study Away

  • Michelle Lewis* (VCCC)
  • Barbara Goldberg (Faculty)
  • June Miyasaki (Faculty)
  • Vacant (AFT)
  • Deborah diCesare (Administration)

Other standing committees formed as needed:




Should you find a problem with a link relating to curriculum,
please email Rebecca Frank at frankre@lavc.edu