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Curriculum Committee
Department Modification Subcommittee



    On April 24, 2003, the matter of department modification was referred to the Valley College Curriculum Committee (VCCC) by the Academic Senate. Article 17 of the 2002 - 2005 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) contains language that allows the faculty at Los Angeles Valley College to reorganize the structure of our departments. The language in this CBA defines a department as "an instructional or service unit composed of faculty members assigned to one or more disciplines or service areas, who share common academic or professional interests, concerns, or objectives".
    The CBA includes language indicating how departments may be modified:

    "Subject to the limitations specified in this article, departments shall be established and may be modified by the President or his or her designee in consultation with the President of the Academic Senate and the AFT Chapter President. Each college shall establish a procedure under which such decisions are considered and made at the college, but in every case the procedure shall provide some means by which faculty can petition for the establishment of a new department or modification of existing departments."

    The current IPC procedure is to award new faculty teaching positions by discipline and any merger will not affect or change this procedure.


    The mission of the Department Modification Subcommittee is to make a recommendation regarding department mergers or separations.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To make recommendations about a procedure and criteria for department modification.
  • To accept petitions for modifications to existing departments.
  • To receive input from faculty with regard to such modifications.
  • To review the petition for modification and make a recommendation to the VCCC.

General Principle and Criteria for Review

    All petitions will be reviewed in terms of their philosophical, academic, and pedagogical rationales as well as practical reasons. Some considerations for a merger may be shared curriculum development, GE Requirements, IGETC, CSU Certification, facilities, or size and department efficiency.

Procedures for Review

  • Faculty within a discipline initiate a petition to merge into or separate from a department. Faculty should consult with appropriate departments chairs, Area Dean, and Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Upon approval by two-thirds of regular and contract faculty in a discipline, the completed Petition for Establishment of a New Department or Modification of an Existing Department form is submitted to the VCCC.
  • Copies of request are routed to the Department Modification Subcommittee members and to all Department Chairpersons for review. The Department Chairpersons should distribute the information to faculty in their department and have 10 working days to notify the VCCC Chair in writing of any objections or concerns. If no objections or concerns are received, the Department Modification Subcommittee will meet to review the petition and make a recommendation to the VCCC. If appropriate, the subcommittee will hear arguments in favor of or against the modification.
  • The VCCC will review the subcommittee's report, take action, and report back to the Academic Senate.
  • The Academic Senate will review the recommendation of the VCCC and take action. The petition will then be forwarded to the College President and AFT Chapter Chair for consultation.
  • Upon approval of the petition, IPC and the Vice-President of Academic Affairs shall be notified of the change in the department structure.

Revised Fall 2003


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