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Course Outlines and
Student Learning Outcomes


ALL approved credit course outlines and SLOs are located in ECD.  To view course outlines and SLOs in ECD, go to http://ecd.laccd.edu/ and click on "Find a Course".  Then select Valley as the college, select the subject and enter the course number, then click "View Results".  Next, click to "View the Course" - SLOs are attached in Section VIII of the outline.


All course related curricular forms are available in ECD - see instruction on main VCCC page for downloading blank forms.


Approved Course Outlines and SLOs for noncredit courses may be found by clicking on the subject below.



Noncredit Subjects

Basic Skills (BSICSKL)

English as a Second Language (ESL NC)


Parenting (PARENT)

Supervise Learning Assisstance (TUTOR)

Vocational Education (VOC ED)




Los Angeles Valley College and its departments have made very effort to maintain accurate web pages nd may change general information, courses, or programs offered.  Changes may be made for the following reasons: student enrollment, level of funding, or other issues as determined by the College or the Los Angeles Community College District.  Consult the current LAVC Catalog for program and course information.


Should you find a problem with a link relating to curriculum,
please email Sheri Berger at