Shared Governance: Committees
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III. Standing Committee Guidelines

The committees of the College Council are five Standing Committees, which are college-wide committees representing all constituencies on the College Council. The membership, internal composition and function statement of each standing committee is recommended by that committee to, and approved by, the College Council. These committees report to the College Council on a regular basis through timed presentations and written reports. Chairs of these committees receive a minimum of .2 FTE reassigned time..

The committees are:

Procedures for the Standing Committees

  • There should be a written charge for each committee.
  • Duties and responsibilities for the committee chairs and committee members should be developed.
  • At the start of each school year, committee chairs should develop a work plan for the year.
  • Minutes of committee meetings should be kept in such a manner as to reflect

    Major topics discussed
    Actions taken
    Actions to be taken
    Follow-up activities (with an indication of who is responsible)

  • At the end of each academic year, committee chairs should write a report assessing how well the committee carried out its work plan.
  • Minutes from all committee meetings should be posted on the Web no later than one week after the committee meeting.
  • Committee chairs’ annual reports should be posted on the Web..

IV. Additional Committees and Organizations

The following committees represent additional opportunities for faculty, staff and administrators to participate in the governance of the college:

Academic Petitions Committee
Academic Senate
Art Gallery Committee
ASU Club Sponsors
ASU Finance Committee
Bookstore Committee
Career Education Committee
Classified Staff Development Committee
College Events Committee
Commencement Committee
Curriculum Committee
Dean’s Reception Committee
Departmental Council
Departmental Evaluation Committees
Departmental Hiring Committees
Discipline and Grievance Panels
Diversity Committee
Essential Skills Committee
Financial Aid Appeals Committee
Learning Communities Committee
Matriculation Committee
Parking Committee
Part Time Issues Committee
Partnership for Excellence Steering Committee
Professional Development Committee
Teacher Prep Academy
Team Transfer Committee

Collective Bargaining Units

American Federation of Teachers, Local 1521 – College Guild
American Federation of Teachers, Local 1521A – Staff Guild
California Teamsters Public, Professional & Medical Employees Union
Los Angeles City & County School Employees’ Union, Local 99 AFL-CIO
Los Angeles/Orange County Building & Trades Council
Supervisory Employees’ Union, Local 347

Ad Hoc Committees, which are created as needed to deal with college wide issues

Task Forces which are created as needed to deal with specific, single item issues

Building User Groups (BUGs) – work with Project Manger, Programmers and
Architects in the design and construction of all Prop A projects. BUGS assigned

Allied Health/Sciences
Library/Learning Resources
Media Arts
Student Services/Administration
Gymnasiums Complex - North Gym, South Gym, Field House

Classified and Administrative Staffing – develops college staffing plan for administration and classified staff

Conference Committees - combine representatives from two or more committees to deal with specific, single item issues such as Student Worker Allocations and Equipment Requests

Advisory Committees

Academic Affairs

Vocational Education
Title V – Learning Communities
Title V – Woodbury/Valley College Collaborative

Student Services

Health Center

President’s Office

Historical Museum

Associated Student Union Clubs/Organizations