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Teaching Resources  

     Excellent Collection of Teaching Tips

     40 Ways to Engage and Motivate Students
    Princeton University Tip Sheets
     Classroom Management Strategies
     Interactive Learner Centered Instruction
     Strategies for Active Learning
     Questions that Promote Thinking
     Teaching Unprepared Students
     Motivating the Unmotivated
     Giving Students Choices
     Humanizing Your Online Class
    Teaching Reasoning Skills

Assessing Learning

     Quick Thinks
Using Technology in the Classroom

     Web Enhancing Your Face-to-Face Class
     Using Flip Cameras in the Classroom
     101 Great Websites: Resources for Faculty
     Web 2.0 Tools & Videos 
     Using Google Tools
     Technology resources for classroom use
     TechEd 2010 recap (resources for faculty)
     Active Learning Technology Tools 
     Student Creativity Through Technology Projects
     Using an iPad for Education Video hosting, videos to use in class, and other virtual tools to use for teaching





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Lesson Plans
     Lesson Plan Template 
     Lesson Plan Template explained
Course Syllabus

     Elements of a Course Syllabus
     Statements suggested or required on your syllabus  
     Statements for your syllabus (Word document)


      Guidelines for Plagiarism Prevention
      Plagiarism Guide
      What Is Plagiarism?
      Online Plagiarism Resources (tutorials and handouts)

Teaching Study Skills

     Handouts to use in your classes   
     Links to sites on study skills 
Teacher Training

     Modules For New Faculty

Websites on Teaching and Learning


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