Summer in Paris Frannce with Los Angeles valley College
A bridge in Paris

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   "I feel I am forever changed by the trip to Paris...I plan to continue traveling and hope for a successful career in international business... I am now transferring to UCLA as a business econ major, but plan to get an MBA in international business. I plan after earning my bachelor's to take time off and visit France again. I plan to live there for at least six months to become more fluent in the language. France opened up a new world; I felt like I was living in a bubble in California. I was impressed by the French people and found them quite willing to help and speak with me despite bad stories from American people I know who told me they would not like me due to me being American. I will always remember the France trip as a new beginning for me as it was my first class outside of high school in college. I am glad to have gone on the trip and plan to continue traveling. I am glad to have had the opportunity to go to France and would highly recommend it to any one I know or who is weary about going."


  "Paris, as Ernest Hemingway put it, was a 'movable feast.' There are not enough words in the dictionary for me to describe the love that I have for this city. My entire point of view on life and my future shifted since this trip. Paris was truly a movable feast with its international influence of different cultures. I have no regrets at all in taking this trip as every cent invested was well worth it. Besides having the greatest time of my life, I met some amazing friends that will be by my side for a lifetime. ...I now work for Air France, and have visited France with my family. I have also visited Tahiti with some friends, and all of this was possible because I learned French. When I was interviewed for the position at Air France, my supervisor loved that I had studied French in Paris because that gave me an edge over other applicants.... Studying in Paris has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. This program allows you to meet other people from other parts of the world and connect."


  "One of the best opportunities is to be able to practice what you learn the minute you walk out of the classroom! Whether shopping at the Monoprix for groceries, taking the Metro to any of the hundreds of sights to see in Paris, to finding new restaurants to try the local cuisine, each day is a new adventure. Don't kid yourself; it will also be one of the toughest adventures of your life, but the pride you feel when you get that diploma makes it all worth it."


  "Going to Paris was the best experience of my life! Being able to see the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower were breathtaking for me. Taking this trip to Paris has motivated me to set goals for myself, so I can get the opportunity to travel to other beautiful places. This trip opened my eyes by showing me a different culture and lifestyle from the one seen here in the United States. If I am able to save money for next year, I will definitely go...It's the best!"


  "Going to Paris, France, (and I'm sure you've heard this before) has truly been a life-changing experience. The people were nothing but welcoming and made my stay very pleasant. I could wish for nothing more except to stay longer."


   "Thank you for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... In one month’s time, we saw a great majority of the important sights of Paris. It was incredible!”


   “A wonderful experience! I highly recommend the program. Something for everyone.”


  “Getting out into the neighborhoods helps a lot after the lectures. It makes Paris history come alive.”


  “C’est la cinquième fois que je suis à Paris et c’est la meilleure. Le programme est merveilleux.”


   “This was a very worthwhile experience. I feel that I know my way around Paris and have learned about the history and culture. When I added up all that was included in the price—room, breakfast, tours, metro tickets, etc.—my reaction was ‘WOW! Best bang for the bucks!’ It was great!”


   “The major strength of the program was the clear desire of the faculty to make the program enjoyable, comprehensive, and a level above what one would expect from a more commercial venture. The residence and Institute were excellent choices, both relatively small and personal.”