Summer in Paris Frannce with Los Angeles valley College
A bridge in Paris

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Academic Program


ESA offers you two program choices at two different prices:


1) An extensive French Language program including 15 hours of French language per week at the Institut Catholique de Paris taught by local Parisian faculty and a French Civilization course. Students take an on-line placement exam before departure followed by a short interview at the Institut upon arrival to confirm their appropriate level. These classes offer high quality language instruction in conversation, grammar, culture and reading. Classes average 20-25 students and use up-to-date materials. This program price option is $4,200


a) French 1 or 2 : Elementary French (LAVC 5 semsester units)
b) French 3 or 4 : Intermediate French (LAVC 5 semester units)
c) French 5 or 6 : Advanced French (LAVC 5 semester units)




2) A Survival French 1, 2 or 3 Language Program with thirty hours of basic language training during the month, and a French Civilization course taught by ESA faculty at the residences. We recommend this choice for those with little or no background in French. This program price option is $3,250.


a) Survival French 1 : French 21 (LAVC 3 semester units)
b) Survival French 2 : French 22 (LAVC 3 semester units)
c) Survival French 3 : French 8 (LAVC 2 semester units)


Whether you choose the Survival French Program or the Institut Catholique Program, both programs are taught in conjunction with courses in French Civilization and Culture. All the fascinating civilization activities and lectures are included. ESA has designed the following courses to help you make the most of your time in Paris. Students are welcome to participate in all activities.


a) French Civilization—Origins to the Present : French 10 (LAVC 3 semester units) An historical survey of the relationship between French political life, social structure, art, architecture & urbanism in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, 17th Century, Enlightenment, Revolution and modern period. Special emphasis is placed on Paris as the center of French civilization. Approximately 12 hours of lecture plus guided visits in and around Paris. Offered in both French and English; some visits in English only. (See brochure)


b) Contemporary French Culture : Orientation to daily life in the French capital. Practical visits, information on food, music, etc.


c) Tutorials : ESA’s experienced language teachers offer a tutorial service to those wishing assistance with their classes.