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Plan A - None Available
Plan B - Music Major
Plan B - Commercial Major


CSU/UC Transfer

A.A. Degree Plan B - Commercial Music Major

A course of study for students interested in commercial music and the recording arts. This program provides basic skills and training opportunities needed for employment in the industry or for transfer to university-level commercial music programs.

Class No.Class TitleUnits
Music 137Music as a Business3
Music 141 Jazz Appreciation 3
Music 161Introduction to Electronic Music3
Music 165Introduction to Recording Arts3
Music 205*Commercial Harmony I3
Music 206*Commercial Harmony II3
Music 241Music Notation and Copying I 1
Music 242 Music Notation and Copying II 1
Music 251Jazz Improvisation Workshop2
Music 265*Recording Arts Workshop 3
Music 271Songwriters Workshop3
Music 281*Commercial Music Techniques I3
Music 282*Commercial Music Techniques II3
Music 321Elementary Piano I 2
Music 322*Elementary Piano II2
Music 323* Elementary Piano III 2
Music 324* Elementary Piano VI 2
  Performance ensembles (2 semesters, .5 units each) 1
 Total 43
* This course has a prerequisite or a corequisite

Semester Plan
First Semester
Music 141 - Jazz Appreciation
Music 165 - Introduction to Recording Arts
Music 205 - Commercial Harmony I
Music 241 - Music Notation and Copying I
Music 321 - Elementary Piano I

Second Semester
Music 137 - Music As A Business
Music 206 - Commercial Harmony II
Music 242 - Music Notation and Copying II
Music 265 - Recording Arts Workshop
Music 322 - Elementary Piano II

Third Semester
Music 161 - Introduction to Electronic Music
Music 281 - Commercial Music Techniques I
Music 251 - Jazz Improvisation Workshop
Music 323 - Elementary Piano III
Performing Ensemble

Fourth Semester
Music 271 - Songwriters Workshop
Music 282 - Commercial Music Techniques II
Music 324 - Elementary Piano VI
Performing Ensemble*

The courses listed are major requirements only. For General Education requirements for the A. A. Degree in Music, see the information on Plan B Music Major in the course catalog.
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