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Occupational Certificate - Commercial Music Composer

These programs provide extensive occupational training with an emphasis in music notation, recording arts, electronic music, music for media, or commercial music theory and arranging. Upon completion, official certificates are obtained by applying through the Office of Academic Affairs.

Class No.Class TitleUnits
Music 111Music Appreciation ← you have a choice of either this class3
Music 141Jazz Appreciation ← or this class3
Music 137Music As a Business3
Music 161Intro. to Electronic Music3
Music 165Intro. to Recording Arts3
Music 200Introduction to Music Theory4
Music 201*Harmony I3
Music 205*Commercial Harmony I3
Music 206*Commercial Harmony II3
Music 211*Musicianship I2
Music 231*Orchestration & Arranging I3
Music 232*Orchestration & Arranging II3
Music 241Music Notation & Copying1
Music 265Recording Arts Workshop I3
Music 281*Commercial Music Techniques I3
Music 282*Commercial Music Techniques II3
Music 295*Computer Music Sequencing1
Music 322*Elementary Piano II2
* This course has a prerequisite or a corequisite

Occupational Certificates
Students who successfully complete a sequence of college courses leading toward specific areas of employment will be issued a college Occupational Certificate. These certificates are designed for those students who have a limited time to pursue their formal education and who wish to specialize in a particular area that is employment oriented. Petitions for occupational certificates are available in the Office of Academic Affairs (Admin 101).

Certificate courses are not listed in sequence to be taken. Not all courses of each certificate are taught every semester. Many courses have prerequisites which are indicated by the symbol *. Students are therefore advised to consult the department chair or a counselor in order to plan their sequence of courses appropriately.

Residency requirement: One fifth of the units required for an occupational certificate must be taken at Los Angeles Valley College (less than .5 units will be rounded down and .5 and higher unit will be rounded up); national, state, regional or other recognized requirements may take precedence over this requirement.

All courses applied to a certificate program must be completed with a grade of C or better. Students who interrupt their attendance become subject to any new requirements which are in effect at the time they re-enroll.

Students desiring an Associate Degree must complete a major and the appropriate graduation requirements.

Many, but not all, of the courses listed in these programs carry transfer credit to four-year colleges so the student who decides at a later date to pursue work beyond two years may do so without a great loss of time. However, those students who plan to transfer to a four-year college should consult the TRANSFER REQUIREMENTS and see a counselor or instructor-advisor from the appropriate department.
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