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ILP has my highest recommendation as a linguistic institute in terms of the quality of instruction and staff. My teacher was great and going to Montpellier was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life, The trip changed the way I will look at the world forever. It is a friendly, charming town where one can feel comfortable in practicing their French. There are great restaurants, movie theatres, historical sites, nightclubs, and even a beach nearby. When I signed up for the program, I had no idea of the profound impact it would have on me and I am eternally grateful to the insitute for giving me confidence in my pursuit of the French language as well as Professor Merrill and LAVC for sponsoring the program.


-L. Ramos



I studied French at an advanced (graduate) level many years ago. When I enrolled in this program, I was not certain it would be appropriate for me. But it far exceeded my expectaions in every way. At the ILP, I was placed in an advanced class. The professor employed a communicative approach. She did some grammar review, but she emphasized listening, speaking and writing. This was exactly what I wanted….The excursions were also great. We saw all the most interesting and important sites in the region….I think Montpellier is an ideal site for such a program-not too big, but big enough to have good cultural and leisure activities.


-R. Ellis



ILP is one of the best language schools in many regards. First of all, the quality of teaching and the knowledge of their teachers are incomparable. This alone can make your experience very satisfying. The teachers make sure one comprehends the grammar points and they have a variety of innovative and fun techniques to put them into practice. All the staff is extremely nice and helpful. Secondly, the school is in Montpellier, the South of France! Need I say more? It is a vibrant city with lots of charm, great gastronomy, close to the beach, lots of fun places, and very nice people with whom one can practice the language.


-J. H. Ortez



"The town of Montpellier is truly magical. You will never experience anything else like it. Every weekend there's something fantastic going on and you have the whole town to enjoy it with! The language program there was great too. Very friendly teachers that attract many great students from all across the world. I met wonderful people throughout my visit. Just a couple weeks ago a friend I made in Montpellier came to visit LA! You will not regret this trip, enjoy!"


-K. Reghabi



Montpellier was unbelievable! Wonderful things happened there…anyway. ILP is a great school and the staff is awesome, always helpful. The French class was great too; my teacher was brilliant and funny. I think she prepared me well for my classes back in LAVC. Montpellier is beautiful, and the school is pretty cool too. Studying at the ILP was like studying in a resort by the Mediterranean. Everyday after class I would look forward to going on to the excursions, activities, and the visits even to a nearby town, or to the beach. It was VERY nice. The scenery was constantly stunning and breath- taking.


-A. Leonidou