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Academic Program


Under the auspices of AIFS (American Institute for Foreign Study), the ILP (Institut
Linguistique du Peyrou) in Montpellier offers an intensive language study program of 15
hours per week taught by a highly trained faculty. These classes offer quality language
instruction in conversation, grammar, culture and reading, using audio-visual materials.
The class size average is 12 students and the price includes all materials. Students
take a placement exam at the ILP upon arrival to confirm their appropriate level.
Students must enroll through Los Angeles Valley College summer school to earn LAVC


French Language Acquisition Program

Prerequisites are based on college-level classes


a) French 21 – No prerequisite

Elementary French I (LAVC 3 semester units)
b) French 22 – Prerequisite: French 1 or French 21
Elementary French I (LAVC 3 semester units)
c) French 8 – Prerequisite: French 2
Conversational French (LAVC 2 semester units)
d) French 3 – Prerequisite: French 2
Intermediate French I (LAVC 5 semester units)
e) French 4 – Prerequisite: French 3
Intermediate French II (LAVC 5 semester units)
f) French 5 – Prerequisite: French 4
Advanced French I (LAVC 5 semester units)
g) French 6 – Prerequisite: French 5
Advanced French II (LAVC 5 semester units)


French Civilization Program

French 10 - LAVC 3 semester units


Along with the language course, ILP offers eight hours of lectures plus guided visits and
excursions to such places as: Avignon and the Pope’s Palace, the Camargue region,
Carcassonne, Nîmes, Pont du Gard, Aigues-Mortes, St. Guilhem-le-Désert and the
Clamouse Grotto. Transportation and entrance fees are included in the program price.
Guided visits are in French with simultaneous English translation by Prof. Merrill. (See
brochure) All students are invited to participate in any activities, but for students taking
French 10 Civilization for credit at LAVC, attendance will be mandatory rather than
optional. French 10 students will also have to read a book on French civilization and
hand in a 6-page study guide, prior to departure. There is also a required 3-page paper
due at the end of the program. All language and civilization classes are taught at the
ILP, except for on-site excursions. The ILP also offers film nights, a cooking class, folk
dancing, wine tasting and other cultural activities at the school. All excursions,
workshops and lectures are included in the program price.

*In addition, Dr. Pra, will be available for tutoring at the ILP.