If you would like me to write you a recommendation letter, please provide me with the following:

  1. A short description of your endeavor.
  2. A listing of which classes you took from me.
  3. A specific date when the letter (or online evaluation) is due (please allow at least 2 weeks).

The letter will be sealed in an official LAVC envelope, signed across the back flap, and available for pick-up in AHS 222. 

A stamped, addressed envelope is required for direct submissions.

Do not open the letter and break the seal!

If you need me to fill out a reference form, please complete the section about yourself (usually at the beginning of the form).

You are advised to check the box in which you waive your right to see the letter; otherwise, the letter will be less credible. 

Please email your request.

I will not write letters for students currently enrolled in one of my classes.

Maximum of 2 letters will be provided per student.

I am happy to help you reach the next step in your academic and/or professional career.  Please be advised that your letter will reflect the quality of your work in my class.  Therefore, it would be in your best interest to seek a recommendation letter from another instructor if you have earned less than a B.  Good luck in your future endeavors!