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This page is an historical archive of IPC (as of 2009).

There are new committees that currently have IPC's functions:

FTE assignment - EPC (www.lavc.edu/epc/index.html)

Program Review - PEPC (www.lavc.edu/pepc/index.html)

Faculty hiring - HPC (www.lavc.edu/hpc/index.html)

Educational Master Plan - EPC (www.lavc.edu/epc/index.html)



Current IPC Agendas/Minutes 

Fall 2009: Sept - Oct (ranked list)- Nov - Dec
Spring 2010: Feb (cancelled) - Mar - Apr (cancelled)- May minutes - Jun





Note: using these links opens the agendas and minutes in a new window - they are pdf files and should be 'readable' by just about any computer



Past IPC Agendas/Minutes
2009 Spring Feb  -  Mar - Apr - May - Jun
2008 Fall Sept - Oct (includes ranked list)- Nov - Dec
2008 Spring Feb * Mar * Apr * May * Jun
2007 Fall Sep *Oct * Ranked List * Nov * Dec
2007 Spring Feb * Mar * Apr * May
2006 Fall Sep *Oct * Ranked List * Nov * Dec




Should you find a problem with a link or have a question relating to IPC, please email the Chair of IPC: Sally Raskoff.