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Melissa Ysais
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About Professor Ysais

Professor of: Child Development

I started my career in child care quite by accident. I had always worked with young children through community babysitting and church functions but when it was time for college, I focused on broadcasting. I attempted to find employment in the entertainment field but was drawn to a teacher's aide position and the rest was history. Once I stepped into the classroom I knew my academic focus had to change, so I quickly revised majors and began my endeavors to become a teacher.


I enjoyed the rewards of teaching working with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Along the way I also took an interest in administration, I had always had keen management skills and a gift for organizing and training. While pursing my undergraduate degree at Pacific Oaks College, my goal was clear. It was to become a preschool director with the intent of creating quality programs that were developmentally appropriate, professionally focused, family friendly with learning opportunities for all. I successfully directed preschools for 10 years. All of the programs were embodied with my vision of curriculum, policies and management that held true to quality care and developmentally appropriate policies.


Similar to my earlier happy accident stumble into the teacher's aide position, while I was a director I fell into being a teacher's aide at my alma mater, Pacific Oaks College. Once again I found myself resetting my course to a new chapter, college professor. I re-entered school and earned a Masters of Art degree in Special Education from Azusa Pacific University. I have been an adjunct professor for over 6 years now and I believe I use my vast experience to prepare students for the joy and commitment of the field of early childhood education.