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Diana Barnes
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About Professor Barnes

Professor of: Child Development

Phone: (818) 947-2600 ext. 8021

Diana Lynn Barnes, Psy.D MFT, is on the adjunct faculty of both Los Angeles Valley College and Pierce College where she teaches Marriage and Family Life and the introductory class to child development, respectively. In addition to her teaching positions, she is a psychotherapist in private practice who specializes in women’s health concerns and life cycle changes, particularly those involving issues of pregnancy and birth. Dr. Barnes is a frequently interviewed trainer and international presenter on the subject of postpartum mood disorders. She has received acclaim as the consultant for MSNBC’s “A Mother’s Confession” and Discovery Health Channel’s “Medical Diary.” Dr. Barnes has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and Lifetime Television, and is a frequent consultant for the print media. She is the past president of Postpartum Support International. She wrote the forward for Eyes without Sparkle by Elaine Hanzak, published by Radcliffe Press, Oxford, England in 2005, and is writing a book on the emotional life of expectant parents to be published by Radcliffe Press in 2006.