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Physiology 1 Introduction to Human Physiology

Last Update: 9/15/2014

Text Book Fall 2014: ISBN: 9781269206037 Mastering A&P Access Card Required.

Package components:  Stanfield, Principle of Human Physiology 5/E Mastering           A & P plus full electronic textbook

                                        Interactive Physiology 10 system suite cd rom Pearson Custom


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Syllabus: Section 1713  Section 1532 (Copies are provided first day of class).

Grades: Section 1713  Section 1532


Study Tips:

·         Former Students: 1 2 3 4 5 6            Study Tips from the instructor    My Learning Style Assessment


Lab Handouts: You need to bring your own lab printout to class.  Reflex Test


Mastering A&P Pretest Quiz: Section 1713: MAPHUANG94175  Section 1532: MAPHUANG34574


Lecture Notes and Study Questions

Unit 2 Six Slides/Page: Chapter 7, Chapter 8 Chapter 10 (I), Chapter 10 (II);

           Two slides/page: Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 10 (I), Chapter 10 (II)

            Exam Study Questions: Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 10

Unit 2 Six slides/page Chapter 6 Chapter 21 Chapter 22

           Two slides/page Chapter 6 Chapter 21 Chapter 22



        Sample Quizzes Lab Lecture


      Makeup and Bump up Marginal Grades

Make Up Human Disease Oral Presentation Grading Policy

Human Disease Presentation Dates: Section 1713 Section 1532

Marginal Grade Bump up Insurance Sample Question: DONOT PRINT


Additional Information:

*   Field sobriety tests

*   Endocrine disruptors

*   Smell Classification

*   Male and Estrogen

*   How many scent can you Smell?


Unit I:    Cellular Respiration How Enzyme Work  How Sodium Potassium Pump Work

Unit II: Nerve Impulse Synapses Phototransduction Vision Processing Drugs on Brain



Unit III: Positive and Negative Feedback  Bone Growth  Osteoporosis Life’s Greatest Miracle


Unit IV: Excitation- contraction coupling Conduction System of Heart Cardiac Cycle Cardiac Cycle and ECG

Unit V Alveolar Pressure Changes During Inspiration and Expiration  Gas Exchange During Respiration Movement of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Countercurrent multiplication



Unit V: Countercurrent multiplication

Food Safety: FDA   Food and Fitness  Organic Food?

            Useful Information

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