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Physiology 1 Introduction to Human Physiology

Last Update: 12/1/2016

Fall 2016 Text book

Principles of Human Physiology Plus Mastering A&P with eText -- Access Card Package, 6/E

Cindy L. Stanfield
ISBN-10:      0134169042
ISBN-13: 9780134169040  Publisher: Pearson Copyright: 2017  


Syllabus: Section 1713 Section 1532 Updated

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Unit I

Cellular Respiration

How Enzymes Work

How Sodium Potassium Pump Work

Resting Vm

Unit II

Nerve Impulse


Action Potential Propagation in an Unmyelinated Axon

Photo transduction

Neural Processing

Unit III

Negative Feed back

Bone Growth



Life’s Greatest Miracle Transcripts

Maturation of Follicles

Unit IV

Excitation- contraction coupling

Conduction System of the Heart

Cardiac Cycle  


Unit V

Alveolar Pressure Changes

Gas Exchange during Respiration

Movement of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Countercurrent multipliers

Unit VI

Three Phases of Gastro secretion

Organ of Digestion

Immune Responses

Blood Sugar Regulation


Additional Information:

*   Field Sobriety Tests

*   Calculate BMR

*   Endocrine Disruptors

*   Smell Classification

*   How Many Scent Can You Smell?

*   BPA and Cash Register Receipts

*   Health Information Medline

*   NO and Headache