LAVC Foundational Skills Committee Title





  • RP Group
Links to best practices: click here
  • Resources from LINKS 2 Conference in Monarch Hall on 10/29/10:
          Katie Hern and Myra Snell's morning presentation on                   Attrition in Developmental Sequences and Acceleration               models for Math and English: click here
 Craig Haywards's presentation on the Transfer Velocity                Project: click here
Transfer Velocity Data Mart tool from Craig Hayward's                 presentation: click here
Alicia Dowd's  presentation (from USC) on Using Data to             Design Effective Action Plans: click here
Student Success and Basic Skills
  • Chancellor's Office Basic Skills Page: click here
  • Community College Student Success Task Force
           For reports, resources, and forums: click here 

  • California Community College Success Network   
Committee Members 

Steve Barakat                 Lilit Davoyan
Deborah diCesare
Lisa DiDonato
Patrick Hunter
John Kawai          Andrea Pinto         Scarlet Sarkissian
Scott Weigand
Phyllis Yasuda

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