beware of dog drawing on fence - photo by Rod Moore
Welcome to Manuscript 49, the latest edition of our annual online magazine! We, the students of Los Angeles Valley College, invite you to explore this site and enjoy our recent efforts in poetry and fiction. Author’s names appear on the right side of the screen - click them in any order you like to read individual stories and poems.

We’d like to point out that Manuscript has a great literary history here on the Valley side of Los Angeles: this edition marks our 49th year of publication, and the fifth year that we have gone online to reach the wide, webbed world. Help us celebrate with some probing if not festive clicks of the mouse, and while you’re at it, take a look at last year’s
Manuscript 48.

The Manuscript editorial staff acknowledges with gratitude the students of English 127, Spring 2013, for the enthusiastic support they have given this year’s edition, both through editorial work and submissions. Special recognition goes to and Melissa Gordon and Ashlye Meyer, whose respective poems “I Am Young and Born from Idle Hands” and “To Keats” both appearing here, were winners in the 2013 English Department Sonnet Contest.

Thank you to those who contributed photos for this year’s issue: Mendy Zaklos, Rod Moore, Melissa Gordon, Ariel Waitkuweit, Max Griffin, and Alex Frenkel.

Special thanks are in order for Ariel Waitkuweit and Calvin Page, two students who devoted an extra amount of time to the magazine. Also, thanks to Claudette Belmonte, LAVC webmaster, for her help in getting all of this online.

Submissions: Manuscript accepts submissions exclusively from currently enrolled students at Valley College, and reads work throughout the year. Short fiction and poetry should be accompanied by a cover page that includes the writer’s name, address, email, and telephone number, as well as the title(s) of the work submitted. Take your submission directly to the English Department office in Humanities 121, where it should be placed in the mailbox of Professor Rod Moore.