Los Angeles Valley College

LAVC Child Development Department
Family Resource Center
The Family Resource Center (FRC) provides family support services to LAVC students, staff and faculty, as well as community members who have children. Various services are designed to assist families such as infant and toddler play sessions, a baby clothing exchange, lactation room, parent-lending library, and community resources – all for free!
The FRC also houses grant programs that provide education and professional development activities to build the early care and education workforce. Activities are designed to support high school students through those completing their Master's Degree. With the goal of student success, programs include cohort groups with academic support, CD units, CPR and first aid training, career advisement, mentoring, and other support services.


Current Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday  9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Location:  LAVC Child Development & Family Complex (Oxnard Street and Campus Drive)


Click here to visit the FRC website or call (818) 778-5612    


Child Development Workforce Initiative (CD WFI) Applications (formerly known as CAST)


Para-educator Companion Assistant Training (P-CAT) Applications