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Employee Benefits Chart


2011-12 Benefit Schedule

2012-13 Benefit Schedule


2012-13 Budgeting for unrestricted General Fund Benefits

2013-14 Budgeting for unrestricted General Fund Benefits















New Cost Center Request

A Cost center is used for all permanent budget allocations. For example V1190A. A master cost center must be established in SAP (Integrated Financial Information System) before our office can budget in that line item or any transfers can be done.  To establish a new cost center, you must fill out the New Cost Center Request and contact the Budget Office at (818)947-2533.






New Incoming Grants (Specially Funded Programs)

To set up a new grant you will need to have the following documents before the budget is set up through the eBTA.

At any time when your budget is set up, you may wish to make adjustments to salary accounts (salary expense transfer).  To make any salary expense ransfers, you will need to use the unmatched salary correction form.


You may also make correction or adjustments to non-salary accounts (expense transfer).  To make any expense transfers, corrections or adjustments, you will need to use the  Journal Voucher Form.




If anyone is interested in making a donation to the college, they must fill out the Donation Form and return it along with the check to the Budget Office.