College Name Biology 7


7 General Biology II (5) UC:CSU

                   (BIO 6 & 7=CAN BIO SEQ A)

                   (Biology 7 may be taken before Biology 6.)

                   Prerequisite:  Mathematics 125.

                   Note: UCLA and CSUN recommend the completion of both Biology 6 and Biology 7 as a core


                   Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 6 hours.

                   Intended for biology majors, pre-medical, pre-dentistry, pre-pharmacy and pre-veterinary students.

                   Deals with unifying biological concepts including evolution, biological diversity, adaptation and

                   the biotic relations to the environment.

                   Laboratory experimentation includes the study of plants, animals, and microorganisms along with

                   the field trips to reinforce major topics.                                        


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