College Name Biology 3


3 Introduction to Biology (4) UC:CSU

                   (Not open for credit to students who have had Biology 6.)

                   Note: not open for credit to students who have had Physiology 8 & 9.

                   Prerequisite: None.

                   Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 3 hours.

                   The major principles of biology including the structure and function of cells, the reproductive

                   process, the mechanisms of heredity, evolution, ecology and the organization of plants, animals,

                   and the human organism.  Not designed too meet requirements for a major in biology at most

                   universities.  Field trips included.

                   maximum uc credit for any combination of Bio 3 and 25 is one course.  no uc credit for bio 3

                         or 25 if taken after bio 6 or 7.




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