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¤  Biology Department Scholarships

In the spring of each academic year, the Biology Department makes available an application for several scholarships. For more information, please consult the Scholarship Webpage.

¤  Science Speakers Series

The Biology Department in conjunction with PESSA offers a Science Speakers Series once a year. This series allows us to invite Scientists and Researchers to the campus from the surrounding Universities and Industry to share their recent advancements and discoveries to Valley College students and staff as well as the general public. The initial idea in the generation of this program was a way to “bring the students’ text books to life”. Topics have covered a broad range such as general biological research, physiology and health, as well as emergency preparedness. Thus far we have had speakers who have addressed subjects such as advances in the rehabilitation of spinal cord injury, stem cell esearch in cancer, HIV and prenatal care, the importance of vitamin D in the prevention of disease as well as the presence of Argentinean ants in Southern California to name a few. There is something for everyone.