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Click here to meet the 2014 Scholarship Awardees!

The Biology Department is proud to honor at least six students each year with our own
Department Scholarships.  The committees who choose these worthy candidates
include our lab technicians, our faculty and the LAVC Foundation.
Applications are made available in the spring, awards are determined by Committee.
However, the George Hale Memorial Scholarship must be picked up in the LAVC Foundation Office,
Administration Building, Room 100.




Biology Department
$250 A combination of grade point average in science grades, units completed, student's contribution and interest in Biology, financial need, Biology major.  Two awards.  Exact amount of award depends on Biology Department faculty contributions.
Dr. Peter Ryan Memorial
$250 One-time needs based scholarship, letter of recommendation and a specified personal statement connecting financial needs with student’s goals.
Michael Thomas
Memorial Award
$200 A combination of grade point average in science grades, units completed, financial need, student's contribution and interest in Biology.  No application - selection is made by Biology Department lab technicians.
Biology 3 Scholarship $200 Student must have completed Biology 3 with an A or B grade; needs a recommendation from a Biology 3 professor.  All majors may apply.
George Hale Memorial
Scholarship in Biology
$500 GPA of 3.0, currently enrolled in 9 units, must have completed Biology 6 or 7, letter of recommendation from a LAVC professor, must write a 200 word essay why the scholarship is deserved by the applicant. Must pick up application from LAVC Foundation Office.
Sheila Kar Health Foundation Scholarship $250 Pre-pharmacy or pre-medicine (science major), 3.5 minimum GPA, letter of recommendation from Dr. Chander Arora, demonstrate Service (community, departmental) or Research, and must be available for a special Cardiac Program on Valentine's Day.

          Other scholarships may be applied for through the LAVC Foundation.  For more information, please try
             this URL: