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Co-Advisors: Professors Becky Green-Marroquin and Pam Byrd-Williams
Club meetings are every other Friday.  All students are welcome.

            PESSA - the Pre-medical Engineers Science Scholars Association was designed so that students
            within the science fields, who share the same classes and similar interests work together on selected
            projects and share information.  As an ASU organization, PESSA is additionally involved in many
            charitable and community service projects.  Still, most of its fund-raising efforts support scholarships
            to defray educational expenses.  Once a year, the club awards these scholarships to its most active

            The club enriches the LAVC student body by organizing department receptions for a yearly Science
            Speaker Symposium and arranging field trips to the universities that students are considering for
            transfer  in order to complete their BS degrees.  Various activities take place during meetings, and
            often  professionals who give consults on entry into pre-professional programs are invited to make
            presentations and give solid advice.

             During the 2008-2009 school year, PESSA sponsored campus involvement with HEAL THE BAY
             for beach clean-ups, co-sponsored a charity drive collecting food, clothing, and toys for a charity in
             the Valley, and each year participated in the LAVC campus blood drive.  In previous years, activities
             have included forming teams for AIDS walk LA, gathering food for a number of food banks, and
             collecting recyclables to benefit a child struggling with leukemia.

             Not surprisingly, PESSA has been awarded CLUB of the YEAR for the last four out of six years
             due to the large numbers of students involved in both on-campus as well as off-campus activities.