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General Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind including behavior, cognition, emotion and perception.  Psychology began as an academic discipline in the 19th century when it separated from biology, medicine and philosophy.  In many ways, the ideas behind the field of psychology have existed for as long as people have been discussing other people.  Our ancestors sat around the fire in their caves and huts discussing many of the same topics we do today.

  • "What do dreams mean?"
  • "What's wrong with the people over that hill?"
  • "Who put that guy in charge?"
  • "Why are the kids so weird?"
  • "Why can't men and women just get along?"
  • "Why can't my parents just understand?"
  • "Why do the people in that village look at me funny?"

We've come a long way since those caves and huts. The human mental capacity has allowed us to make greater use of tools than any other species on Earth. Our higher-level thought processes, such as abstract reasoning, introspection, judgment, language, problem solving, rationality and self-awareness are considered to be defining features of what constitutes a "person" and form the foundation of psychology.

The program leading to the Associate's degree in Psychology at Los Angeles Valley College provides a strong foundation for psychology majors to transfer and succeed in psychology at the university level.  For more information about our psychology classes, we invite you to talk with our faculty, or with students in the LAVC Psychology Club. 



LAVC PLAN A: General Psychology

(Program Code 200100)


Psych 1 General Psychology I 3
Psych 2* General Psychology II 3
Stat 1* Elementary Statistics 1 for the Social Sciences 3
Stat 2* Elementary Statistics II 4
Core Total: 9-10

General Option Requirements:

Four of the following courses (12 units)

Psych 3 Personality and Social Development (3)
Psych 5 History and Perspectives in Psychology (3)
Psych 11* Child Psychology (3)
Psych 12 Adolescent Psychology (3)
Psych 13 Social Psychology (3)
Psych 14 Abnormal Psychology (3)
Psych 17 The Exceptional Child (3)
Psych 26 Power and Speed Reading (3)
Psych 41 Life-Span Psychology: From Infancy to Old Age (3)
Psych 60 Stress Management (3)
Psych 66 Introduction to Critical Thinking (3)

Option Total: 12
Total of Core plus Option: 21-22 units


* Starred courses have a prerequisite or a corequisite.

This list is from the 2010-2011 LAVC Catalog. 
Your "catalog year" may have different requirements. 
See a guidance counselor or the Psych faculty if you need assistance.


The LAVC Psychology Club is on Facebook.

The Psychology Club is on Facebook.


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