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Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology is the scientific study of human development which looks at the psychological changes people experience throughout their life.  Developmental psychology is concerned with topics such as:

  • cognitive development
    • problem solving
    • moral understanding
    • conceptual understanding
  • language acquisition
  • physiological processes related to behavioral states
    • consumption
    • depression
    • motivation
    • motor skills
    • perception
    • stimulation
  • self-concept and identity formation
  • social, personality, and emotional development

Developmental psychology investigates how development occurs through the gradual accumulation of knowledge as opposed to development in stages, and the presence of innate cognitive structures versus acquisition through experience.  Many researchers are interested in the interaction of behavior, environment and personality in social context and their impact on development.  Developmental psychology forms the foundation of several fields in psychology including child psychology, educational psychology, forensic developmental psychology and psychopathology.  Developmental psychology complements the fields of cognitive psychology, comparative psychology, ecological psychology and social psychology, and is drawn from in sociology and marketing research.

The American Psychological Association publishes the journal: Developmental Psychology, which discusses development across the life span and the biological, cultural and social factors that affect development, as well as methods and theory.  If the topics covered by developmental psychology are of interest to you, we invite you to make an appointment with one of our professors to discuss the course work, institutions and opportunities available.



LAVC PLAN A: Psychology with Developmental Option

(Program Code 220101)


Psych 1 General Psychology I (3)
Psych 2* General Psychology II (3)
Stat 1* Elementary Statistics 1 for the Social Sciences (3)
Stat 2* Elementary Statistics II (4)
Core Total: 9-10

Developmental Option Requirements:

Psych 11* Child Psychology (3)
Psych 12* Adolescent Psychology (3)
Psych 17* The Exceptional Child (3)
Plus one of the following courses (3)

Psych 5 History and Perspectives in Psychology (3)
Psych 13* Social Psychology (3)
Psych 14* Abnormal Psychology (3)
Psych 41* Life-Span Psychology: From Infancy to Old Age (3)

Option Total: 12
Total of Core plus Option: 21-22


* Starred courses have a prerequisite or a corequisite.

This list is from the 2010-2011 LAVC Catalog.
Your "catalog year" may have different requirements.
See a guidance counselor or the Psych faculty if you need assistance.


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The Psychology Club is on Facebook.


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