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Developmental Communications

PLATO® Resources for Faculty

PLATO® is available on campus only: http://lavc-plato
If you need access to PLATO for your class, please contact Roman or Ron.

PLATO® Content for Developmental Communications Courses
Advanced Reading Strategies Outline Content
Essential Reading Skills Outline Content
FASTRACK Advantage Language Arts Outline Content
FASTRACK Advantage Reading Skills and Strategies Outline Content
Fundamental Reading Strategies Outline Content
Intermediate Reading Strategies Outline Content
Reading for Information (Curriculum) Outline Content
Reading for Information with Assessments Outline Content
Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension
  Stories and Literature (US) Outline Content
  Information and Expository Text (US) Outline Content

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Specific topics have been isolated by Roman and Laura for use in the lab and in classrooms.  Log in to PLATO and look at the "Classes" in our devcom Group.