Los Angeles Valley College
Philosophy / Economics / Jewish Studies

Christopher Pallotti
Chris P

I have been studying philosophy for over twenty years now and teaching it for close to ten. From my first contact with Plato’s dialogues, I was hooked. I love philosophy, the discovery of ideas and feelings, and exploring this thing called life.

After graduating from high school, I left for a four year stint in the Marine Corps. Next I attended the University of Pittsburgh and received my BA in philosophy. For the following three years, I worked first as an in-home crises intervention counselor and then as a family therapist. I received my first MA from Duquesne University with concentrations in European philosophy and Gestalt psychology and my second MA from CSU Los Angeles in Philosophy.

After my first MA, I spent about two years travelling the world and this included sojourns to East Asia as an ESL teacher and extended excursions across continental Asia, including Southeast Asia, India, and Indonesia.

My travels eventually led me here to the Los Angeles area where I was hired by the LA Valley College as an associate professor of philosophy. I have also taught at CSUN for a number of years as a full time a lecturer. I continue informal studies in philosophy and psychology and my current interests include existentialism, phenomenology, non-human animals and how they’ve been treated in western philosophy, the connection between psychology and philosophy, and logic. One of my perennial interests is ancient Greek philosophy and I always seem to discover some ideas from that era that continue to fascinate me.