Los Angeles Valley College
Philosophy / Economics / Jewish Studies

CARROLL F. SHELOR, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Economics

Background and Interests: I grew up in Dinwiddie County, Virginia and Palm Beach County, Florida. Beginning with my elementary education, I have always been a voracious reader and interested in many subjects, especially science and history. From my Dad, I inherited a sense of fairness and a sense of humor.

Over my life, reading has been my main interest, but I have also dabbled in a fair number of other activities, especially those that can be done solo, such as photography, hiking, cooking, motorcycling, and exploring.

Education: In high school, North Shore High School, 1969, West Palm Beach, FL, influenced by events, I made the decision to major in the Social Sciences. In my second year at Florida Atlantic University, I found my undergraduate major, Anthropology, B.A. 1973. After a year of “fieldwork” in construction, I continued there as a maintenance painter and graduate student, shifting to Economics, M.A., 1976. I entered the graduate program at UCLA in Economics, filing for my L.A. in 1990.

Teaching Experience: In my last years of taking classes at UCLA, I began teaching economics, first at CSUN, 1981 to 1984 and at LAVC, 1983 to the present. Subsequently I have taught as an adjunct instructor, at Woodbury University, 1985, at Ventura College 1987 to 1993, at CSULA, 1987, at Pasadena CC, 1987&1998, at El Camino College, 1987,1995&1996, at Cerritos College, 1987 to 1990, at College of the Canyons, 1989 and 1999 to 2002, at East L.A. College 1989 to the present. I have been a limited assignment, “consulting instructor” for Instructional Television in the L.A.Community College District, 1988&1993, an A.D.E.P.. professor at California Lutheran University, 1994&1995, and a limited assignment P.A.C.E. instructor at L.A. Southwest College, 1994,1995,2000&2001, West L.A. College, 1998, L.A.Pierce College, 2000, and at L.A.V.C., 2004&2006.

Most of the classes that I have taught have been Principles of Microeconomics, Economics 1, or Principles of Macroeconomics, Economics 2 (in the L.A., Community College district, or their equivalent in other institutions). I taught Fundamentals of Economics, Economics 5, at El Camino College, at L.A.Southwest College, and as an ITV course in the L.A. Community College District. Other courses that I have taught are: Money and Banking, Economics 303 at CSUN; Intermediate Price Theory, Economics 310 at both CSUN and CSULA; Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Economics 209, at CSULA; and Quantitative Methods in Business at Woodbury University.