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Beyond Valley College: Where to get Money for College


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Web sites selected from the Librarians’ Internet Index (lii.org)


College is Possible - http://www.CollegeIsPossible.org/

Responding to a survey indicating that many parents and students overestimate the cost of a college education, the Coalition of America's Colleges & Universities and the U.S. Department of Education launched a "national education campaign to enhance public knowledge about financing a college education." The most important section of this supporting site concerns financial aid programs and paying for college. Additional sections offer a ten-step guide to preparing for college (from pre-school), College Admissions and Financial Aid calendar, and a resource library. Also available, in PDF files, is the Coalition's brochure in Spanish and English.


FastWeb: Free Scholarship and College Searches, & Financial Aid Tools - http://www.fastweb.com/

The heart of this site is the scholarship search engine that lets Internet users search, without cost, a database of more than 400,000 U.S. scholarships, fellowships, internships, grants, and loans. Free registration allows you to set up a profile and mailbox that will automatically send you the latest scholarship information to fit your profile. Now has a Canadian scholarships database, in French and English.


Fresch!- http://www.freschinfo.com

This Web site provides a "free scholarship information service" database of over 2,100 scholarships available to both undergraduate and graduate students who primarily attend college in the United States (some Canadian and international scholarships are listed as well). The search engine function is well done, allowing the user to pinpoint qualifying scholarships. In addition, practical advice is given on how to apply for scholarships. Information on student government loans is also provided.


Back To College - http://www.back2college.com

Resource center for re-entry and nontraditional students, with lots of information about everything from choosing a college to using academic reference materials. Financial aid, foreign study, internships, online degrees, life experience credit, counseling - it's all here.


Nellie Mae Loan Link - http://www.nelliemae.com/

Financial aid information center for high school, college students, graduate students, parents and financial aid officers.


Peterson's Education & Career Center - http://www.petersons.com/

Information about thousands of colleges and universities, undergraduate and graduate programs, applications, funding, and more.


Send your Child to College: The Internet Guide for Parents - http://www.guideforparents.com/

This superb annotated directory is "a place parents can use as a source of solid information about colleges and financial aid, as well as all the steps students and families need to take to reach their goals." There's a Guide to Mega-sites; government aid, scholarships, and grants are in Financial Aid; Planning for College has information on admissions, rankings, counseling, community colleges, application essays, athletes, and international students; Practical Help and Advice; and the ACT, AP, SAT, and Preparation Classes are in the Tests section. Maintained by Jan A. Maas, librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY.


Student Financial Assistance - www.studentaid.ed.gov

Web site of the Student Financial Assistance Programs, the largest source of student aid in America, providing over $40 billion a year in grants, loans, and work-study assistance. Includes help for each stage of the financial aid process: finding out about financial aid, applying for federal student aid, and paying back your student loan.