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Bibliography: Immigration

Subject Headings for the Online Catalog

Agricultural laborers --United States --History
Alien labor, Mexican --United States
Asylum, Right of
Emigration and immigration law
Illegal aliens --United States
Immigrants --United States

Migrant labor
Minorities --United States --History
name of minority-U.S.
Naturalization --United States
Political refugees
United States -- Emigration and immigration
name of other country - Emigration and immigration

Some of the titles owned by the library

Adamic, Louis
From many lands
E184 .A1 A3

Children of the uprooted
E184.A1 H22

Cockcroft, James D.
Outlaws in the promised land : Mexican immigrant workers and America's future
HD8081.M6 C63 1986

Conover, Ted
Coyotes : a journey through the secret world of America's illegal aliens
HD8081 .M6 C65 1987

DeSipio, Louis
Making Americans, remaking America : immigration and immigrant policy
JV6465 .D47 1998

Ethnic groups in American life
E184.A1 E83

Geyer, Georgie Anne
Americans no more
JV6455 .49 1996

Ichihashi, Yamato
Japanese in the United States
E184.J3 I4 1969

Illegal immigration : opposing viewpoints
KF4800.Z9 I43 1997

Reisler, Mark
By the sweat of their brow : Mexican immigrant labor in the United States, 1900-1940
HD8081.M6 R44 1976

Selected Internet Resources from the Librarians' Internet Index (http://lii.org)

Ancestors in the Americas - http://www.cetel.org/
Ancestors in the Americas is a web companion to the PBS series. Created by Loni Ding, this site is divided into three parts: Global forces that bring the first Asians to America a decade before the American Revolutionary War, Large-scale immigration during the Gold Rush, and the late 19th century when Asia becomes America's next great frontier. The site explores assimilation, Chinese history in American and the relationship between the Chinese and the American legal system. 

Immigration FAQ - http://www.murthy.com/top10.html
Using a question and answer format an immigration attorney provides lots of detailed answers to many common questions about immigration. Also included are immigration bulletins and updates which contain recent developments and changes in immigration law. A comprehensive and easy to use site.

Immigration Law on the Web - http://www.llrx.com/features/immigrat.htm 
Nicely annotated webliography on the topic. Prepared by Beth Smith, Librarian at the University of Nebraska, and hosted on the Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX) site.

Immigration, Nationality, and Citizenship Law - http://www.lectlaw.com/inll/104.htm 
Links to legal information on immigration, nationality, citizenship, and visas for the U.S. and many other countries. Supplied by the U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library, which ceased operating mid-1999.

Locked Away: Immigration Detainees in Jails in the United States - http://www.hrw.org/reports98/us-immig/
"Human Rights Watch charges that the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is now holding more than half of its detainees in jails where they are subjected to punitive treatment and may be mixed with criminal inmates. With its own detention facilities overwhelmed, the INS is placing its administrative detainees in jails, even though they are not serving criminal sentences. Those detained include asylum seekers, undocumented individuals picked up by the INS on the street or during workplace raids, and individuals with previous convictions who are awaiting deportation. The 84-page report, Locked Away: Immigration Detainees in Local Jails in the United States, reflects research conducted over an eighteen-month period, including visits to fourteen jails in seven states." 

Migrations in History - http://smithsonianeducation.org/migrations/start.html
"Migrations in History explores the nature and complexity of the movement of peoples, cultures, ideas, and objects. Drawing from the vast and interdisciplinary collections of the Smithsonian Institution's museums, libraries, and archives, this site features the stories and artifacts of migration--what happens when people move, what they take with them, what they leave behind, and how they make their new place home." 

Pluralism Project: Religious Diversity in America - http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~pluralsm/ 
This Harvard University project was created to study and document religious diversity in the United States, focusing especially on the influence of immigrants and their religious traditions. Seeking to document how diverse faiths interact, change, and affect American society, this site also provides links to an online directory of religious centers, a slideshow of places of worship nationwide, news articles, event calendars, and links to sites that focus on religious traditions as well as religious groups that function in public arenas such as government or education.

Public Agenda Online - http://www.publicagenda.org/ 
Subtitled "the journalist's inside source for public opinion and policy analysis," this site addresses 18 controversial issues: abortion, America's global role, crime, the economy, education, the government, the family, the federal budget, gambling, health care, illegal drugs, immigration, Internet speech / privacy, Medicare, race, right to die, social security, and welfare. Extensive information on each issue includes an overview, facts and trends, different perspectives, links to news stories, and results of public opinion polls.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis
The official site of the INS, which has all the forms (PDF), laws & regulations, news, and more.