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Telephone System

This page is provided by the IT department as answers to some common questions.

For further technical information, call the IT Help Desk at extension 2489.

If you need training on using your phone, contact the Staff Development office at extension 2712.


Retrieving your voice messages
  1. If you are in your office or in somebody else's office, dial the Telephone system at extension 2600. Some phones have a key programmed to call that number.
  2. If your are calling from your phone, you will be prompted to enter your password.
  3. If your are calling from somebody else's office, press the # key during the prompt. You will be asked to enter your extension (mail box) number and password.
  4. Once in the Telephone system, follow the voice instructions.


Speaker phone
Not all the school phones can be used as speaker phone.
To use your phone as speaker phone, you will need to turn on the microphone on phone base.
Remember to turn microphone off when you are done.
  1. To turn on your speaker phone, press the "Feature" button and then the "1" key. The MIC light will turn on. To turn the microphone off do the same again.
  2. On the phones with screens, press the button that points to "MIC" on the screen. The MIC light will turn on. To turn the microphone off do the same again.
  3. To put a current call on the speaker phone, press the "Speaker" key and put the handset on the cradle.
  4. To end a speaker phone call, press the "Speaker" key again. Remember to turn off the microphone