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Universal Internet Access System (UIA)


Faculty UIA Email

The Faculty UIA email account is in addition to your LAVC email account.
In general, you should use your LAVC email account (@lavc.edu) to communicate.

To access your Faculty UIA email click on: http://email.lavc.edu


  • Before continuing, read how to find your UIA username and password in the frame below.
  • After clicking the link above, you will be presented with the LAVC welcome screen.
  • Under Login Name, enter your UIA username and press the Enter key.
  • Then, you will be presented with a popup window that asks for your User Name and Password. Re-type your UIA username and UIA password. Press the Enter key

For help navigating through the many options you have on the UIA email server, log in to the email server and click on the ? (help)

Faculty Wireless HotSpot Access

  • Get a wireless card that supports the 802.11b (WiFi) protocol available at our Bookstore or any electronic store. Setup your card following the card instructions.
  • Start your browser and type any Web site address. Accept the security certificate and a logon box will open.
  • Enter your UIA username/password. Make sure to select the LAVC-Faculty realm. Read how to find your UIA username and password in the frame below.

Wireless usage sample

Faculty usage of lab computers

  • To login into a lab computer, use your UIA username and UIA password.
  • Read how to find your UIA username and password in the frame below.
  • Anything saved in the computer will be deleted when the computer is rebooted.

Network Drive

  • The only place where you can save data is in the "U" drive.  A shortcut to the U drive is located on the Desktop and it is called "My Network Drive (U)".
  • You can save up to 15 MB of data in your Network Drive.
  • Your Network Drive is available in any computer in most UIA labs.  Remember to Log off from the computer or somebody might come after you and delete/modify all the contents of your Network Drive.


If you have problems login, ask the lab staff for assistance. For further assistance call Information Technology Help Desk at 947-2489.


If you need information about Student's UIA accounts, click here.

Finding your UIA username and password

    Faculty UIA usernames are:

  • Use your DEC/Network/email username

    Faculty's UIA emails are:

  • UIAusername@academic.lavc.edu
  • Remember, emails do not have spaces.

    Faculty UIA passwords are:

  • Your employee number.

    Faculty UIA account deletion:

  • UIA accounts for faculty and staff are never deleted


  • All faculty UIA accounts are automatically generated. Staff UIA accounts are manually created by request only.


Staff UIA Accounts

  • Most of the LAVC staff have computers on their desks and don't need to use the LAVC labs. Some staff, such as lab assistants, need to have access to the computers in the labs.
  • If you are a staff member and need an UIA account, please read "Account setup" section at IT Help Page .
  • Your will receive an UIA account with no UIA email. Your password will be your employee number.