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Vanessa Aguilar
#5, University of California at Irvine

The first day I stepped foot on the Los Angeles Valley College campus “Nothing is Impossible" was embedded into my head. I knew Coach Hang and the coaching staff were going to push me until I accomplished my goal. My goal was to get a basketball scholarship and continue my education. In order to do that, Coach Hang showed me that I had to be a better person on and off the court. I went through a lot when I was attending LAVC but the coaching staff definitely helped me through it all. Even though quitting could have been one of many excuses why I didn't make it, it was never an option for me. With the help of my coaches I was able to succeed on and off the court. I got the grades that were necessary and became the player I had to be on the court. I graduated from LAVC in 2012 with my AA Degree in sociology a full athletic scholarship to UC Irvine. I would not trade my experience at LAVC for anything. I am thankful and grateful to the coaching staff and my teammates for making my experience at LAVC one I will never forget.


During my stay at Los Angeles Valley College I was a part of the Women’s basketball program. This was one of the best experiences to ever happen to me. The program instilled the knowledge of becoming a well rounded individual by making us better basketball players as well as students. Coach Monica Hang used her experiences to help guide her players in the right direction. Her wisdom on and off the court helped me further my basketball career and I am forever grateful.

Alejandra Gallardo
Alendra Gallardo

Going into last year’s season I didn’t know what to expect with a new coach, new team, and new program. Like every beginning it was rough trying to become “one”, but with time the pieces of the puzzle would fall together. Coach Monica Hang and her coaching staff pushed us to fight and work hard and soon the puzzle became “one.”  Coach Hang lives by a motto, “nothing is impossible”. Don’t ever doubt her ability to prove you wrong because when she says nothing is impossible, she means it, and will go to great lengths to prove it.
Playing for Coach Hang is an experience I would not trade for anything in the world.  She took me in and shaped me into a completely different person on and off the court.  Not only did I learn how to become a great basketball player, but she also taught me lessons that prepared me for the real world that lied ahead.  She inspires me everyday to fight for the impossible.


One of the greatest experiences I had at Los Angeles Valley College was being part of the women's basketball program. Coach Hang, K, De La Hoya, Quiroz and Camacho individually taught me many great things that I have now taken forward not only in my basketball career but in life. I appreciated having the support of the coaching staff. I want to give a special thanks to Coach Hang and Coach K because they taught me the importance of hard work and consistency. I could not have had the strength mentally to accomplish playing at the next level without their support.

A proud member of the Western State Conference!